For First Responders



Access to Behavioral Health Care with Peer-Support.

Remote Monitoring with Peer Support.

Stigma-free, Proactive Care.

Early Measurement of Stress, Depression, and Sleep Disorders.



Compared to the General Population,

first responders experience significantly greater PTSD, lower life expectancies, suicides, substance abuse, and physical comorbidities.  These issues require a proactive and predictive behavioral care approach.  First responders may distrust their employers and insurers.  And they don’t want to lose their jobs or rank for seeking mental health and substance abuse care.  

Many Are Former Military,

and have 5x increased risk of on-job death, PTSD, and depression. But every year, more of them die by suicide than on duty, primarily because the system relies on them to access their own care.  But they may not get the care they need.  The healthcare system reacts to them, usually too late and with great cost. 

The Current System Requires Self- Identification 

which is one reason it fails and delivers reactive, episodic and expensive care.

A New System Starts with Trusted Point of Access:  Peer Support


early, before a serious problem is observed.

Gauge.Health Is a Personalized Monitoring Service 


which transforms behavioral health from reactive to proactive.  With peer support on the frontline, we nudge first responders into the healthcare they won’t access themselves.

Gauge.Health Uses Personalized Stress Data We Collect Daily 


along with individual contextual information.

More than $150,000 to Train a Firefighter,


and more than $100,000 for a police officer.  We can’t afford to lose them to substance abuse, burnout, resignation or suicide.

If you are a medical provider, peer supporter, or supervisor for a state, municipality, or a union, 

or have responsibilities for the behavioral health of first responders, we should connect.  [email protected]






Measure Stress and Depression Early

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