Field-Based Pre-Telehealth:

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What is Field-Based Pre-Telehealth?

Why is Gauge the Lowest-Cost?

We offer always-on communications services that match patients with compassionate peers who have lived experiences and have overcome health issues. Peers are skilled in listening, empathizing, and helping others in their journeys.

Gauge Health is HIPAA-compliant and protects privacy and confidentiality.

By providing early detection and support, we reduce the stigma and barriers that often prevent people from seeking help, which increases costs. Additionally, we transition to outpatient monitoring and follow-up care, with improved health outcomes and a reduced burden on the healthcare system.

We designed field-based pre-telehealth care to detect and prevent mental, behavioral, and comorbid health issues from escalating and requiring more expensive and intensive interventions.

How Do You Access Gauge Health?

What Does Gauge Measure?

Gauge Health offers concierge access to healthcare services, education, coaching, and support. Individuals choose the level of service that suits their needs and preferences. Our supporters will help them navigate the system and connect them with their best options, including telehealth or in-person healthcare. Patients can also access our online platform to find resources, tools, and community.

Gauge Health measures well-being and satisfaction through ongoing engagement, progress tracking, conversation, and voice analysis.

Who Are Our Clients?

Gauge Health provides our services to healthcare professionals and first responders who frequently face high-stress and traumatic situations that can impact their mental health. We recognize these groups’ unique difficulties and requirements and customize our services to suit them.

Our clients are employers, insurers, and organizations that want to offer their workers or members field-based pre-telehealth care. We receive funding from hospitals, cities, unions, and peer support organizations that are concerned about the well-being of their workers or members. These groups understand the benefit of providing field-based pre-telehealth care to healthcare professionals and first responders, who often deal with high-stress and traumatic situations.



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